Webinar Tips

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We are handling the audio portion of these webinars differently than we have with other sessions, in an effort to allow for more interaction.  We will be taking all phones off mute.  That means it is very important for you to mute your phone so other callers are not hearing any background noise.  It is also important to remember not to place your phone on hold, as we will then be enjoying your hold music.

Let’s talk about how we will facilitate questions that you have today.

  1. If you wish to speak to the group, simply use the hand raising feature located in the Participant Box.  Click on the hand to indicate that you would like to speak.  When Randy addresses you, take your phone off mute, and present your question. Once your interaction is done, please place your phone back on mute.
  2. If you would like to submit your question in writing, click the icon with the question mark.  This will launch the Q&A Tool.  In the dropdown box, select Host and Presenter, then type in your question.  Throughout the presentation we will stop periodically to answer questions that have come in.